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Professional started its first shoes production in 1993. We humbly started our business from simply-styled vulcanised volleyball shoes called Smasher Plus and cementing-made volleyball shoes called Spiker Plus. The shoes were well accepted in the volleyball market because of their high quality and affordable price.

In 2006 we started to produce our very first phylon-outsoled volleyball shoes called Flash and the shoes were a big success. The following year in 2007, we tried to satisfy the market needs of quality sport shoes by widening our range of shoes from volleyball shoes to:

- badminton shoes called King Smash which was very popular and was endorsed by our national badminton champion Liem Swie King

- Jogging shoes called Track 100 and Speedy using the eva sole

- Court shoes called Aeroplus using the rubber outsole

To provide our customers with more range of products, we started our first futsal shoes production in 2008 with Accura and Accura SP which were later well-accepted in the futsal market.

Another step in our shoes range was the production of basketball shoes called Trailblazer back in 2010.

In 2014, we produced our newest range of soccer shoes called Copero and Sniper.

During our presence in the sport shoes industry we always promote our volleyball shoes with popular volleyball athletes of the year. The following athletes were our endorsers since 2006 until recently:

1. Loudry Maspaitella (2006-2008)

2. Andri Widiyatmoko (2007-2008)

3. Dwi Sari (2007-2008)

4. Joni Sugiyatno (2008-2012)

5. Adam (2011)

6. Maya Kurnia Indri (2011, 2013)

7. Febryanto Endar Pratomo (2013)

8. Agung Seganti (2012-2015)

9. I Putu Randu Pradana Putra (2014)

10. Sigit Ardian (2015)

11. Oky S. Primadi (2016)

12. Rendy Febriant (2016-2018)

13. Rivan Nurmulki (2017)

14. Doni Haryono (2020)

From 2006 until present, we have produced many shoes models that are well-accepted by our loyal customers such as Flash, Resolution, Excalibur and now our newest mid-cut series called Maximus MD, Thunderstorm MD and Turbospeed MD. Not only that our shoes are affordable but also uniquely-styled to satisfy our customers needs. We are also well-known for our vast and complete ready-stock shoes sizes from 36 to 46 (and even to size 47 for volleyball shoes).

We believe that sportmen especially volleyball fans will keep continuing to love our products in the future. We will always try our best to produce comfortable, durable and high quality shoes to enhance our customers performance in their sporting match. Your satisfaction is our motivation!

Best regards,

Hadiyanto Tjukup Wirawan



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